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Step 1

Value Study:
Before starting a painting, whether in studio or on-site.  I do a value sketch to establish the value patten and composition.

Step 3

First Wash:
I created pool of my colors on my palette, using lots of water and little pigment.  I then start at the top of the paper and move down, painting around the white areas and set my light areas.  Notice that the only places with saturated color are the sky and foreground color in landscapes.  The rest of the areas are painted with mixed or toned-down colors.

Step 4

I let the first wash dry completely.  Then after recharging with more color/ pigment I paint the background with neutral colors mixed from my primary colors.  I connect shapes as I go, painting wet into wet.


Step 2

I draw out the composition on watercolor paper.   Using a 2B pencil.

My Step by Step Method of Painting 

Final Step

Foreground and details:
Using even more pigment.  I add the dark shapes, define the foreground and paint in the finally where needed. Combinations of the red, blue, and yellow paint with small amount of water.  With a clean, damp brush, I soften edges. 

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